Company Name 

DT Commerce,Inc.

 Head Office  

7F, Nishi shimbashi Yasda Union Bild.

2-4-2, Nishi Shimbashi, Minato-ku,

Tokyo, 105-0003, Japan


TEL : +81-3-6268-8101/FAX : +81-3-6268-8102


December, 2013


Yukinori Muto




DT Holdings Inc ( / 100%

 Group Companies

Daiichi Freight System, Inc


Taiheikogyo, Inc.


[Business and Services]                              

(1) Export, import and trading of used vehicle and auto parts

(2) Inspection, repair, sheet metal working and painting for vehicle

(3) The installation of the cargo body and the selling agent

(4) Transportation, disposal and dismantling for vehicle

(5) Recycling of automotive parts

(6) Selling, planning and management for used vehicle auction

(7) Customs clearance agent


We are a member of DT holdings.  DT Holdings group consists of 22 companies.